Kläckeberga church

Address: Kläckebergavägen Kalmar Show map

Address: Kläckebergavägen Kalmar

Kläckeberga Church is located in a scenic area a few kilometres north-west of Kalmar. It was built in the early 13th century, but was subsequently burned by the Danes in 1611. Today, the interior of the church consists mostly of furnishings and objects from the 18th century and later.

The church originally had three floors: a cellar, main floor (the present church hall) and a larger hall above that. In addition, there was once a shooting attic above that hall. So Kläckeberga Church was also once a fortified church, surrounded by several earthwork walls and moats.

Historical notes from the 15th century also indicate that various garrisons were stationed in this church during the many battles for Kalmar and Kalmar Castle that are known to us.

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